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Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

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[Rebecca Black voice]

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he makes me SO ANGRY

Anonymous: Hello there :D I've been looking for a blog that only posts Skulduggery Pleasant and yours is the best one I've seen :D just wondering if you know if the rumours for the SP film are true or not...

They’re true in the sense that a movie is planned and it’s in the very, very early stages of development. Derek has written a script, or is in the process of writing one. Something along those lines. He said he had one written at last year’s Edinburgh Book Festival. As for whether or not he’s teamed up with any sort of production company, we don’t yet know.

However, we’ve been promised movie news at some point, and honestly the best source for that will always be Derek’s blog. Trust what comes directly from him, and nothing else. Even what I’ve said may not be 100% true, because whilst I do remember his Edinburgh talk quite clearly, I can’t say for certain that that’s what he said. 

So, yeah. Watch Derek’s blog, and if you frequent the tumblr tag, only believe news that has a reputable source. (In a fandom as relatively small as this one, nine times out of ten that reputable source will be Derek himself.) 

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Here is my book cover project for Illustration class, where I designed a cover for The Faceless Ones in the book series Skulduggery Pleasant! I didn’t want it to look like the existing covers, so I tried to make it a bit stylistic and colorful. I wanted there to be an edge of impending doom and darkness while maintaining a whimsical sort of feeling to it. This was my favorite project to do and I had a lot of fun with it UwU 


spreading holiday cheer

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save me, oh save me, save me from myself,
before I hurt somebody else again.

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i’m not human at all (listen) (download)

"Valkyrie knew that one more slip would be all it took. She doesn’t have the strength to survive. A big part of her doesn’t even want to.” 
“You’re lying.” 
“No, I’m not. She loves that power. She loves becoming Darquesse. It’s so incredibly freeing for her.”

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