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       with five days left until the final book, now seems like a good time to post—
we ̸̡m҉a͠k̢̢͘e͘ ҉̷a̧ go̷̡̕o̵d̸ ͜͟t̴̀͜e̷a͝m̧ {
x } ;; a playlist for the journey from codependent detectives to codependent world-breakers — and, just maybe, back again

i. the night ;; aureliano voltaire
  { although forewarned by peers and kin, i always get into the night }

ii. victorian vigilante ;; abney park
  { cut scene, your victim’s dethroned
   dripping ice hook on crimson cobblestones }

iii. big bad handsome man ;; imelda may
  { the man is tall mad mean and good-looking,
   and he’s got me in his eye }

iv. hand of glory ;; ghostfire
  { my post upon this hill shall be a beacon, for all things ill }

v. evil friends ;; portugal. the man
   { when i shouldn’t do it, i just do it
   what you think’s got nothing to do with it }

vi. ain’t no rest for the wicked ;; cage the elephant
   { and there ain’t no rest for the wicked,
   until we close our eyes for good }

vii. wonderland ;; natalia kills
   { when i lay my head down to go to sleep at night, my
   dreams consist of things that’d make you want to hide }

viii. violet hill ;; coldplay
   { bury me in armor, when i’m dead and hit the ground }

ix. red right ankle ;; the decemberists
   { whatever differences our lives have been, we together make a limb }

x. remain nameless ;; florence + the machine
   { i wish to remain nameless, and live without shame }

xi. devil’s backbone ;; the civil wars
   { there wasn’t a wrong or a right he could choose
   he did what he had to do }

xii. i always kill the things i love ;; the real tuesday weld
   { one day we’ll pay back all we’ve borrowed
   what we love today, we’ll lose tomorrow }

xiii. honor for all ;; jon & daniel licht
   { we live for today but we’ll die for the next
   with blood in our veins and the air and our chests }

— cover image © arh studios —

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From the people who know the people who brought you Valduggery Week, Christmas Fic Challenge ‘13 and other popular Skulduggery Pleasant Fanwork Challenges….

For those of us who have finished TDOTL, the series is over. A wonderful set of books have had the books closed on that chapter of our lives; waiting for the next release, speculating, excited. 

But the ending didn’t give us that much closure, did it? and we don’t want our beloved fandom to end, as TS. Eliot says in the Hollow Men: ‘Not with a bang but a whimper.’ 

I propose a Fanwork challenge, A La Harry Potter, where everyone writes their own closure, their own epilogue. You can focus on the ships, scenes, or characters YOU wanted to see. You can write fic, draw art, or even just ramble on vocaroo whilst you cry onto your microphone! This fandom is such a creative, diverse, and wonderful place, that I know this would create a huge vast wealth of amazing stories.

And we’d get a bit more closure for the series we love, whilst keeping the fandom alive. 

Post your fanworks, wherever they be posted (to twitter, AO3, facebook, instagram, tumblr, Deviantart) and tag them with ‘TDOTLepilogue' (or #TDOTLepilogue if you’re using hashtags). That way we can all share them together!

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MAGICa mix for dragons and cufflinks and a knock on the door.

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*holds everyone’s hands*

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Just dawdling on the painting and having some fun.

Anonymous: post moar

i will when the next book comes out and there’s actually new content to post

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teen queen through the ages

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Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.

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[Rebecca Black voice]

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